Dr. Daniel Burillo provides professional scientific services to governments and electricity companies to address their energy and environmental challenges. He is a published author on advanced computational methods for long-term infrastructure planning, including distributed energy resources (DER - solar PV, storage, and EVs), energy efficiency standards, outage prediction, and cascading failures. His work has made several advancements in public knowledge of heat waves, how electricity infrastructure systems are vulnerable to heat waves, and how knowledge of these factors can be used to improve systems’ stability, lower costs to ratepayers, strategically site DER, and reduce hazardous emissions.

In his current role at the California Energy Commission, he is working to direct research contracts to achieve the State legislature’s clean energy and environmental emissions reductions goals, and to do so in a manner that is consistent with the public utility codes that regulate our use of ratepayer funds.

Dr. Burillo holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona, an MS in civil and environmental engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a PhD in civil, environmental and sustainable engineering from Arizona State University.

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