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Daniel Burillo, Ph.D.
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Dr. Daniel Burillo is an American scientist and entrepreneur who has been working to advance clean energy infrastructure for over a decade. Since starting university full-time at age 16, his cleantech career has spanned across engineering research, education, policy advocacy, and consulting.

He is the founder and principal consultant at Daniel Burillo and Company, a global consulting firm, and minority-owned small business, that provides custom software and analyses for governments and electricity infrastructure companies. Daniel earned his doctorate degree doing sub-contract work for the US National Science Foundation's infrastructure sustainability and resilience research programs, and the California Energy Commission's Electric Program Investment Charge. His published algorithms accurately forecast recent systemic outages in Southern California, as well as, define and prototype several advancements for engineering software managed by the US Department of Energy and national labs. The projects' results have shown, amongst other things, how utility procurement policies must account for geographic and engineering constraints in order to continue accelerating implementation of distributed energy resources and electric vehicle infrastructure without compromising grid stability.

Since publishing his public-service research, Daniel is now also a reviewer for the academic journals of Infrastructure Systems, Energy, Applied Energy, Energy Policy, and Insight - Energy Science.
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