We provide custom software and analyses for our clients. Our specialty is to support risk management and strategic investment for electricity infrastructure systems.

Our Vision
An artful future with abundant clean energy, mostly walkable cities, readily accessible and equitable transit, safe reliable self-driving vehicles, and vibrant connectivity.

We follow ISO 31000 principles of effective risk management, which are that it should:
  1. Create and protect value;
  2. Be an integral part of all organizational processes;
  3. Be part of decision making;
  4. Explicitly address uncertainty;
  5. Be systematic, structured, and timely;
  6. Be based on the best available information;
  7. Be tailored;
  8. Take into account human and cultural factors;
  9. Be transparent and inclusive;
  10. Be dynamic, iterative, and responsive to change;
  11. Facilitate continual improvement of the organization.

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